“How many par-3 holes does a tour professional need on average to hit one hole in one?” Willem-Jan van der Velden posed that question during a weekend of golf with colleague professionals.

After some research and counting, Willem-Jan arrived at an average of 400 to 500 par-3 holes that a tour professional must play to hit an average of one hole in one.

“So… if I hit 1999 in one day, about 4 should go in the hole”. And so Willem-Jan stood on (old) hole 10 of Welschap Golf Course. He hit 1,999 golf balls that day. Each golf ball was sponsored and the amount was donated to the Richard Krajicek Foundation. Despite the nice amount, not a single golf ball went into the hole… A lot of balls almost…


On Sunday September 7 2003, Willem-Jan’s colleague Robert Bollen took up the challenge.

2 of his students E&J, names are not published, had lost their daughter due to lymphatic cancer 3 months after the diagnosis. She only made it to 11 years young. During her illness, E&J stayed in the Ronald McDonald house in Nijmegen.

All the money raised was donated to the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund.

5 holes in one

From 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening, Robert hit 2003 golf balls, on a 135m (150 yards) par 3. He aced 5 times!!!

€6500 for the Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund

That was the result after a day of hitting golf balls. What a great result!

Robert Bollen made another attempt in 2007 and 2015. Both years with 2 holes in one and nice amounts for charities as a result.


On Saturday, September 24, 2016, Stein Vugts and Rinse Schuurman took up the challenge to surpass all of the above. Both 2016 golf balls in one day! Result: Stein 1 hole in one and Rinse 4 holes in one. Together they raised €4717.20 for Make-A-Wish Netherlands.


In July 2024 Robert Bollen will hit golf balls for charity again. We are going to make history again.

He will raise money for KiKa (a Child Cancer Foundation)

During the Creators Golf Cup Robert Bollen will attempt another 2024 golf balls