The ‘HOLE IN ONE’ Challenge

It’s all about having fun, the excitement of the challenge and to raise money for charity.

Our BHAG (Big Hairy Odicious Goal) is very simple.

Per year we want people around the world to collectively undertake more than 1M for charity sponsored hole in attempts via ChaseTheAce.Today

How many hole in one attempts can you contribute?

The ultimate figure is the same as the year we live in! Or you can hit a smaller number of golf balls. You can also do it with a (small) team of golfers. It’s your call!

How many holes in one can you hit in one day?

Can you hit one or more holes in one on a single par 3 in one day? Lets go for it!!!

Raise money for charity. Including your own.

You can choose your charity* in addition to the 3 charities that we already support as an organization.

* Each personally indicated charity will be tested on a number of important points before we approve and transfer money to it.